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CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT. Purchase and Supplier Management

UNEN is fully aware of the influence exercised by its suppliers in the economic, environmental and social development of the company. Our company requires competent and capable suppliers, solidly committed to our activity, with whom it may have a long-lasting relationship of trust and mutual respect. For this reason, when it comes to contracting services or acquiring products, UNEN values the following aspects in its suppliers: honesty, clarity, responsibility, occupational safety, occupational risk prevention, environment and quality, among others.
The purpose of this code of conduct is that any supplier and UNEN acquire the commitment to behaving according to certain items of conduct in our relationships.
Course of action:

1. Occupational safety and risk prevention

It is very important to acknowledge the importance of occupational and health safety, which is why UNEN requires and supervises the implementation by these companies of the legislation on occupational safety and risk prevention.

2. Environment

UNEN is a company certified by Aenor with the standard UNE EN ISO 14001:2004, which acknowledges its responsibility to the environment and keeps it in mind when it comes to making business decisions taking the product life cycle into account. Suppliers will have to:
- In cases of non-compliance arising from the activity of the supplier, s/he has to display a collaborative and positive attitude in order to put in motion the necessary corrective measures.
- Execution of environmental actions related to waste minimisation, use of environmentally friendly advanced technologies, implementation of preventive measures, etc.
- Every UNEN supplier will have to subscribe to our environmental commitment prior to the beginning of the relationship.

3. Quality.

UNEN is a company certified by Aenor with the standard UNE EN ISO 9001:2008. All its staff are involved in an ongoing improvement process, partly in order to meet the requirements of our auditors and partly because of the company’s concern. Since 2009, we have established an internal Quality Committee which is composed of staff from the different departments and on a continuing basis reviews and controls the quality standards of the work and projects to be carried out.
These tasks are carried out internally and at no cost to our customers, only prompted by our eagerness to improve on a continuing basis and make the quality of our work our distinctive feature.

4. Honesty

We work for the same objective and we have to work together with integrity, impartiality and honesty, taking care of even the smallest details in order to reach excellence.

5. Equality and respect for Human Rights

We must ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination and the respect for human rights, which are basic principles.
We must reject discrimination on any grounds and, in particular, on grounds of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.
We must respect human rights and these must be our guide when conducting business.
We will treat everybody with respect and consideration irrespective of their post.
UNEN acknowledges its responsibility when it comes to protecting rights and child welfare, as established by the United Nations Convention.
We have to contribute to society by getting involved and carrying out initiatives geared to the most underprivileged sectors.

6. Suppliers.

Our suppliers will have to take this Code as a reference in their relationships with third parties.

7. Communication.

The communication between shall be clear, pertinent and should not question our honesty.
We have to be open to one another’s opinions in order to facilitate a successful relationship and, in this way, we will achieve an ongoing improvement.
The policy of UNEN in CSR will have influence on the selection of suppliers.

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