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1. General considerations.

Access to this WEB is subject to the prior reading and acceptance by any user of the terms, conditions, communications, cautions and the rest of legal warnings contained in these clauses.

The access and subsequent use of the WEB by the user will imply its express, full and unreserved conformity to its entire content. The user declares it is of legal age and has enough legal capacity to be bound by these General Conditions. Furthermore, it expressly accepts, with no exceptions whatsoever that the access and use of this WEB site, its services and the content of those services take place under its sole and exclusive liability. Access to the WEB through the URL address is free for Users and its display does not require a prior subscription or registration.

If the user does not agree with the content of these General Browsing Conditions, it must leave this WEB, and it will not be able to access or dispose of the services it offers.

The WEB provides the visitors and users of the same with the access to a wide variety of benefits and content: corporate information, job offers, people management, news channel, Customer Service and blog, among others.

Connections to other WEB sites that may exist, together with the use that the user can make of the same, are subject to these General Conditions, and to eventual specific conditions which those WEB sites require. Any use that is different to the one authorised is expressly forbidden. will be able to modify, at any time deemed fit, the setting, service conditions and its content, and remove, limit or suspend them temporarily or permanently, and to prevent access to the same, trying to inform the user of those changes, provided this is allowed by circumstances, by their posting on each of the WEBs.

2. Identity of the Web holder.

Data identifying the controller of are the ones mentioned below:

UNEN Servicios para la Arquitectura S.L.

C/ Conde de Peñalver, 92. C.P. 28006 Madrid.

Tax Identification Code: B-85690832

Registered in domain in Madrid Trade Registry, Volume 26.857, Folio 9, Section 8, Sheet M-484000, Entry 3 on the 27th March 2014.

Hereinafter UNEN.

3. Rights and obligations of the service renderer.

As the service provider, UNEN is obliged to render the services offered by this WEB, to effectively guarantee the secrecy of communications that may exist with the user, and to answer to claims which may eventually be filed.

If maintenance, repair, updating or improvement of services operations are carried out, UNEN is entitled to temporarily suspend, without any prior warning, accessibility to this WEB, and to reserve the right to render or cancel services; notwithstanding the above, it will try to make the users aware of the same, if circumstances permit it to do so.

The use that users can make of services and/or information provided to the same by this WEB will be made on the user’s risk and account.

UNEN does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, offered information or services, except for those guarantees that pursuant to applicable laws must be granted, or are expressly described in an agreement between this company and the user.

UNEN does not guarantee the content provided, where applicable, by third parties, and does not guarantee truthfulness, reliability, accuracy, opportunity or convenience of the information provided for the purpose of the same according to users or any other person.

Intellectual property rights on this WEB are held by UNEN. The exclusive exercise of copyright, distribution, public communication and amendment rights belongs to the mentioned company.

4. User rights and obligations.

At all times, the user must carry out a lawful use of the services of this WEB in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting intellectual property rights of UNEN or third parties.

To this regard, the user guarantees that activities performed through this WEB will be suitable in relation to law, morality, public order, good practices, and will never be offensive for the good reputation and brand image of UNEN, for other WEB users or third parties.

The user will not carry out, through the services UNEN places at its disposal, any action causing any damage or alteration of content, and will not hinder the correct operation of the WEB, and it will not cause any technical problem, not transferring elements that may contain computer viruses or damage, interfere or block totally or partially this WEB, and it will not intervene or alter the e-mail of other users.

The liability of the user for the truthfulness of introduced data, if it does it due to any circumstance, is exclusive; therefore, if it has provided false or inaccurate data, UNEN reserves the right to forbid access to this WEB.

5. Excluding guarantees and liability for the operation of the WEB Site and its Services.

UNEN does not guarantee availability and continuity with regard to the operation of the WEB and to the information, content, software, materials or products included in the same, to the extent permitted by applicable legislation.

Thus, we exclude any liability for damages of any nature that may arise from lack of availability or continuity of operation of the WEB site and its services, and of the use that users would have been able to attribute to this WEB site.

In any case, UNEN will use its best endeavours to keep the continued availability of this WEB.

Furthermore, UNEN is not liable for the possible safety errors or defects that can take place due to the use, by the User, of a browser whose version is not updated or is not safe, and due to the activation of devices to keep identification keys or codes of the User registered in the browser or to damages, errors or inaccuracies resulting from an incorrect operation of the same.

UNEN has implemented all necessary technical and organisational safety measures guaranteeing integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal data provided by the user.

In spite of UNEN having implemented all measures that are suitable to guarantee safety to this regard, it does not control or guarantee the lack of viruses or other elements in the content of this WEB page that may introduce alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the user, or in electronic documents and files stored in its computer system.

UNEN is exempt from any liability for damages of all kinds that may arise from the presence of a virus in the content, which may produce alterations in the computer system, electronic documents, files, etc.

The user accepts that the WEB has been created and developed in good faith by UNEN, with information arising from internal and external sources, and offers it in its current status to users, with the possibility of the existence of inaccuracies or misprints. That is why the user holds UNEN harmless for any liability with regard to reliability, usefulness or false expectations that the WEB can render you while you are browsing the same.

6. Intellectual property rights.

All rights on the content of this WEB belong to UNEN, except for those of companies with which UNEN has signed the corresponding contract for the supplying of content, and which are protected by national and international standards on intellectual or industrial property.

All WEB content (including, without limitation, databases, images, drawings, graphs, text files, maps, frames, banners, software and the different source codes, audio and video) are owned by UNEN, or its content suppliers, in this last case having been subject to a licence or assignment by the same, and is protected by national and international rules on intellectual and industrial property, and cannot be subject to a subsequent amendment, copy, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the User or by third parties, without the express authorisation by the holders of that content. Compilation (understanding the gathering, design, ordering and assembling as such) of all WEB content is UNEN’s exclusive ownership.

All software employed in the use and development of the WEB is held by UNEN or its software suppliers, and is protected by national and international laws on intellectual and industrial property.

Brands, labels, distinctive signs or logos of UNEN which appear on the WEB, are held by UNEN, and are duly registered or in the process of being registered. Names of other products, services and companies appearing in this WEB can be trademarks of their respective legitimate owners.

The placement on disposal and use of databases, images, drawings, graphs, text files, audio, video and software held by UNEN, which appear in the WEB, does not imply in any case the assignment of their ownership, or the granting of a use right in favour of the User.

The user gaining access to this WEB cannot copy, amend, distribute, transfer, reproduce, post, assign or sell the above mentioned elements, or create new products and services arising from the obtained information.

Only display and download for a personal and non commercial use of the user is authorised, without being able to extend it to third party people or entities.

In case of graphs and designs appearing in this WEB owned by companies co-operating with UNEN, these conditions will also be applicable, unless anything to the contrary is stated.

Alteration of this WEB by the user, which can affect its content, such as links and similar is absolutely forbidden.

UNEN will see to it that the content of this WEB is not pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, defamatory, and does not encourage violence. In the same way, it will try to avoid any circumstance that may damage users.

7. Hypertext links.

No link can be established to this WEB from any other WEB without the prior express consent of the owner of the same. Content redistribution is forbidden, except when there is an agreement between the original Web Site and the addressee Web Site. Users and holders of other Web Sites which intend to create a hypertext link to this WEB must insure and covenant with regard to UNEN rules

Those rules consist of (i) not establishing links to pages or sub-pages other than the home page of UNEN, (ii) not carrying out beside the link false, inaccurate, incorrect statements, which may cause an error, or which are contrary to law, morality and good practices; (iii) not including any trademark or sign susceptible of protection, an differing from the URL of the Web, (iv) not establishing links with pages that contain content, statements or propaganda, which are racist, xenophobic, pornographic, encouraging terrorism or against human rights and that, in general can damage in any way the good reputation or image of UNEN or its clients.

If this WEB page can contain links to other WEB sites not managed by UNEN, this company states that it does not exercise any control on those sites, and is not liable for the content of the same. Links that this WEB may contain will only be offered as information references, without any type of assessment on the content, owners, services or products offered from the same. Including links to other Web sites does not mean that UNEN promotes, guarantees or recommends the content of those Web sites.

In all cases, UNEN is held harmless from any liability with regard to the services rendered by those third parties against any claim of any nature and lawsuits that can be filed in relation to the same.

8. Personal data protection and cookies policy.

You may access to all information to that regard in Data Protection and Cookies Policy.

9. Clause nullity and ineffectiveness.

If any clause of these Conditions is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, that nullity or ineffectiveness will only affect the provision or part of the same that is null or ineffective, with the rest of Conditions remaining, and the provision or part of the same that are affected are considered as not provided, except when they are essential to those Conditions and fully affect them.

10. Governing law and jurisdiction.

These General Conditions are construed and will be governed in accordance with Spanish legislation.

For any lawsuit arising from the existence, access, use or content of the General Conditions, both the User and UNEN, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of Madrid (Madrid) Courts and Tribunals.

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